Quality new & used adjustable height desks for your office in Memphis, TN

Adjustable Height Desks Memphis TNAdjustable height desks, also called sit-stand desks, have a work surface that can be raised or lowered as the user sees fit. This functionality allows anyone using the desk to sit or stand while working, which can lead to health benefits that are visible both right away and in the long term. WorkPlace Furniture, a trusted office furniture dealer serving Memphis, Tennessee, has a large selection of adjustable height desks available for local companies. The desks we sell and install are produced by nationally recognized manufacturers and are specifically designed for use in the modern workplace.

Why Choose Adjustable Height Desks?

The number of businesses and organizations in Memphis and across the Mid-South region investing in adjustable height desks is growing due to an increased awareness that working in a seated position all day is not only unhealthy, but also a hindrance to employees’ mental well-being and productivity. Scientific research has shown that being sedentary causes physical discomfort quickly and is linked to medical conditions with more long-term effects, such as back pain, obesity, heart disease, and depression.

That’s where adjustable height desks come in. Because they can be raised to standing level or lowered to sitting level at will, they enable users to change their working positions quickly and find the comfort they need without losing productivity. These desks make it possible to stretch your legs without stepping away from the computer, positioning the monitor and keyboard at a level that’s perfectly comfortable for a user. Switching from a standard desk to one with an adjustable height work surface has both immediate and future benefits, such as:

  • Improved energy, mood, mental function, and productivity
  • Less fatigue
  • Reduction in musculoskeletal pain
  • Lower risk of developing heart disease

Your Source for Adjustable Height Desks & Much More

At WorkPlace Furniture, we continually have our fingers on the pulse of the rapidly changing modern office environment. As such, we have a large selection of adjustable height desks and other types of ergonomic office furniture, including desk chairs and adjustable computer monitor arms and stands. Our selection of ergonomic furnishings is vast enough to have something for every worker, and we’re always ready to help make recommendations based on your company’s needs and budget. We also carry L-shaped desks, U-shaped desks, executive and managerial desks, and reception desks, and you can even come to us for space planning, layout design, installation, and relocation services to make your life even easier. We truly are your one-stop shop for top-of-the-line office furniture!

Contact WorkPlace Furniture for more information about our adjustable height desks or any of our other available styles. We also encourage you to visit our showroom here in Memphis, TN, to speak with us in person about your office furniture needs.

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