Helping Germantown, TN, Companies Implement Flex Desk Systems to Create Hybrid Office Models

If your company is planning to have more employees physically return to the office, you may face the challenge of adapting to a hybrid schedule. Many companies have opted to downsize their offices as remote work has become more prevalent, but this has created the challenge of designing a hybrid office space that can accommodate any employees with fewer furnishings than before. One way that companies have adapted to an evolving modern workforce is by implementing the flex desk system, which solves that problem by giving employees the ability to choose where they want to work on any day they come to the office.

About Flex Desking

The flex desk system (also called “hot desking”) is similar to “hoteling,” in which employees book desks much like you may book a hotel room on a trip. This essentially makes the desks currently in your office up for grabs on any given day. So, looking at a corner desk near a window with a nice view, employee A could come into work and claim it on the one or two days they’re at the office. When employee A works from home through the rest of the week, employee B can claim the desk and work there when they are in the office. And in the following week, employee C may get to that desk first and claim it for themselves.

Offering Hybrid Office Furniture & More for Your Flex Desk System

If you’re interested in creating a flex desk system at your Germantown, Tennessee, office, just call WorkPlace Furniture. We have a large selection of new and pre-owned hybrid office furniture, plus layout design and space planning services that can help you revamp your company’s workspace to be as efficient as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

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