Office cubicles 101 for companies in the Memphis area of Tennessee

Office Cubicles Memphis TNOffice cubicles remain a staple of the twenty-first century business environment. Their continued popularity can be explained by several factors.

One is how effective they are at striking an excellent balance between privacy and collaboration. Co-workers in cubicles are able to focus on specific tasks yet also easily speak with each other one-on-one or in small groups whenever the need arises. Individual offices with closed doors, on the other hand, provide a great deal of privacy but generally at the expense of spontaneous employee interaction.

Another important benefit of cubicles is that they permit business owners to make efficient use of their office space. Modern cubicles, in particular, help promote efficient space utilization as they are generally smaller in size than their predecessors and can be configured in a number of different ways.

Though office cubicles have ceded some ground to “open office” designs, there is no denying that cubicles offer a unique set of benefits that just can’t be achieved by open office environments.

WorkPlace Furniture

One of the premier sellers of both new and used office cubicles in the Memphis area is WorkPlace Furniture. Indeed, our team is able to design, deliver, and install cubicles anywhere in the Mid-South. We proudly have an expansive selection of:

  • Traditional cubicles
  • Modern cubicles
  • Low-height cubicles
  • Floor-to-ceiling cubicles
  • Call center cubicles
  • And many other types and sizes

WorkPlace Furniture is a one-stop shop for all your office furniture needs. Along with cubicles, we also have an impressive selection of new and used desks, chairs, tables, lobby furniture, reception area furniture, file cabinets, and much more. Either contact us today for more information or visit our showroom in northeast Memphis!

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