Our Selection of Ergonomic Office Furniture Can Make Working at Any Memphis, TN, Company More Comfortable

Is using your current office furniture becoming a literal pain? While many chairs, desks, and other accessories look as though they could be comfortable to use, they weren’t specifically designed to be used for extended periods of time. No amount of cushioning can save your back from a poorly designed desk chair, for example. But with WorkPlace Furniture furnishing your Memphis, Tennessee-area office, you won’t have to worry about sore backs or necks any longer. We have a large selection of ergonomic office furniture that can help create healthier working habits for you and your employees.

How Does Ergonomic Office Furniture Work?

Essentially, ergonomic office furniture is designed to support the natural curvature of the human body. There are two ways in which this goal influences the furniture’s design language:

  • The furniture can be specifically designed to accommodate the shape of the body, which is the case with ergonomic desk chairs. These chairs use features like built-in lumbar support, adjustable head and arm rests, and firm cushioning to create a far more natural sitting position for the body, reducing pain and improving posture.
  • The furniture can also be made to move with you, allowing you to take a more natural, comfortable posture no matter how you work. For example, height-adjustable desks can move up or down with you into sitting or standing positions, while adjustable computer monitor arms and stands allow you to move your screens into positions that won’t make you strain your neck.

Your Source for Top-Notch Ergonomic Office Furniture

With WorkPlace Furniture, your next office furniture purchase won’t break your back or your bank. Our vast selection of new and pre-owned ergonomic office furniture has something to fit any need or budget, and we also offer space planning and installation services to help you use your new furnishings quickly and effectively.

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