The Flex Desk System Can Help Memphis, TN, Companies Create a Hybrid Office Model

Now that more companies are planning to have their employees physically return to work in the office, they’re grappling with a hot-button issue: adapting their workspaces around a hybrid schedule. While there are many ways in which a company can help its work environment evolve, one of the less-obvious challenges involves what to do with unused office furniture.

Flex desks are frequently being used by companies for that reason. They give companies the flexibility needed to accommodate the needs of a changing workforce, allowing employees to more seamlessly transition from office work to remote work and vice versa.

What Is Flex Desking?

Flex desks are unassigned desks that are essentially fair game for any employees who happen to be in the office on a given day. For example, employee A may use the desk on Monday and Tuesday, but employee B will use the same desk throughout the rest of the week while employee A is working remotely. In flex desking (also called “hot desking”), employees don’t “book” these desks as with “hoteling”—instead, these desks are just up for grabs. Because the number of employees in the office on a daily basis has been reduced, companies are free to make changes to the workspace or even downsize to a different office.

Let WorkPlace Furniture Help Improve Your Hybrid Office Space

Interested in implementing flex desks at your company’s office? WorkPlace Furniture can help. We offer plenty of new and like-new hybrid office furniture, as well as space planning services that can help make other necessary changes to your office space far easier.

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