A great selection of waiting room chairs & other furnishings for healthcare providers in the Nashville area

Waiting Room Chairs Nashville TNYour waiting room chairs certainly can make a positive first impression on all visitors to your office in the Nashville area. Indeed, modern waiting area seating goes beyond being merely functional. Rather, it is designed to create an inviting and comfortable environment where patients and other office invitees can feel welcome.

One of the best selections of new and used waiting room chairs available to healthcare providers in the Nashville area of Tennessee can be found at WorkPlace Furniture. We are one of the premier office furniture dealerships in the Mid-South.

Our team proudly offers healthcare waiting room seating from the following well-regarded manufacturers:


This company has long been committed to remaining focused on producing better outcomes for patients, their families, and the professionals who heal them. In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, Kimball Health is leading the charge for progressive results through the development of cutting edge, purpose-driven furnishings.


Founded in 1966, Global Furniture Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of furnishings both designed and engineered to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry.


In addition to comfort and functionality, Stance Healthcare is renowned for producing healthcare-specific furnishings that are valued for their cleanability and customizability.


This manufacturer of reception area seating has a reputation for producing furniture that is well made, environmentally sustainable, beautifully designed, and affordable even for those with tight budgets.

For information about of current inventory of waiting room chairs, contact WorkPlace Furniture today. We serve Nashville, TN, and other markets big and small across the Mid-South. Along with waiting room chairs, we also have an impressive assortment of reception desks, cubicles, desks, desk chairs, tables, file and storage systems – and more!

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